Thursday 3 February 2011

Why Worry?

If you feel like you are always worrying about everything from money through to the weather, you're probably right!

A recent survey says we worry and agonise over things seven times a day for eight minutes each, that's nearly one hour a day wasted because worrying changes nothing, let me repeat that worrying changes nothing and once again for those who missed it, worrying changes nothing.

Imagine how different your life could be and all the nice things you could do with an extra hour per day or an extra seven hours per week, just think of it, that's like having a day off every week!

A combination of coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy can help you to beat stress, anxiety and depression. Worry for some people becomes so severe that it impacts on many areas of their lives including work, friendships and relationships, they spend their waking hours feeling edgy and unsettled, nothing seems joyful or happy because there is always worry and feelings of stress, their sleeping hours are also severely disturbed by worrying and anxiety, making them tired and lacking in energy to tackle the day ahead.

Does that sound familiar?

Now picture an alternative scene............

It's you, but its different.

This version of you is someone who is happy, relaxed, not anxious or stressed out, someone who is used to getting more out of life. Someone who is able to focus on the best things life has to offer.

The things that once caused you stress and anxiety are now behind you and you are getting on with enjoying your life and being the best you possible. So many people have asked you what your secret is that you are almost tired of hearing the question ...... except that it's like a special gift each time they ask because it reinforces your knowledge that things are getting better and better.

The truth is, you know the secret and you are happy to share it....It's Life Success Coaching.

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